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According to the UNAIDS fact sheet on World AIDS Day 2020; In 2019 key populations and their sexual partners (including sex workers and their clients) accounted for 62% of all new HIV infections globally. While most HIV programs have focused primarily on improving services for sex workers, very few have introduced specific approaches for reaching men who purchase sex (MWPS) with information and services on HIV testing, care, and treatment.  MWPS tend to have multiple sexual partners, may use substances (drugs/alcohol) to reduce inhibitions or increase sexual pleasure. MWPS are also the major perpetrators of intimate partner violence against sex workers hence MWPS need better access to information and services.

For male engagement AWA is guided by the differentiated service delivery (DSD) approach, which seeks to improve efficiency and allows programs to deliver client-centred care and address bottlenecks while ensuring expanded access to information and services. AWA supports MWPS with comprehensive and tailored interventions because as sex workers we understand our clients, we know who they are, we are familiar with the legal and sociocultural contexts in which we operate, we understand their risk profiles and behavioural motivations, and we know the places where MWPS can be reached.

AWA has  designed strategies to engage MWPS to meet them in a variety of locations that are not only convenient to them, but also less stigmatizing (for instance workplaces health and wellness workshops, social soccer tournaments etc.

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