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At All Women Advocacy we have an understanding that gender equality will only be achieved when women have equal access to, and control over resources, and equal participation and influence in economic decision-making.  We believe that financial independence is the highest level of women empowerment. We introduce the concept of economic empowerment to girls and women at various stages in life (in-school and out of school). Our economic independence programs focus on reducing unequal income between men and women. AWA works to ensure women have a chance to fully attain economic empowerment through:

  • Financial literacy training

  • Career Guidance 

  • Opportunities sharing

  • Livelihoods & vocational training 

  • Saving & Income rings 

  • Economic justice: child support & inheritance  

  • Second chance education

  • Women Access to communal land

  • Access to resources & inputs

  • Access to market

  • Encourage adult learning and Second Chance Education

  •  Offer basic Vocational and Skills Training  

  • Promote economic empowerment through sharing financial literacy skills ∙ Promote savings and implementing income rings 

  • Promote side hustles and starting small income projects

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