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One of the most important issues facing humanity today is climate change. It has an impact on every aspect of how we live, including our livelihoods, food security, and overall health and well-being. Yet, not everyone is impacted by climate change in the same way. Because they have less access to resources, information, and decision-making power than men, women are more susceptible to its effects, especially those living in rural and marginalised areas.

All Women Advocacy (AWA) is dedicated to enabling women and girls in marginalised environments to adapt to climate change and create resilience for both themselves and their communities. AWA believes women are both agents of change and victims of climate change, and they can help find answers and open up chances for sustainable development.

In Zimbabwe, where AWA works with women and girls, climate change has made the already difficult conditions of droughts, floods, crop failures, and food shortages even worse. With better agriculture practices, water management, renewable energy sources, and catastrophe risk reduction, AWA equips people with the knowledge, resources, and assistance they need to adapt to climate change. AWA promotes women's rights and their involvement in local, national, and international climate policy-making.

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